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Posted On Saturday, November 10, 2012 @ 11:03 PM by Yourname | 0 Comments This Entry
This launches the first of the many video festival that the site will be hosting. We wanted this to become a tradition.
Best Picture
The entry with the highest score under the criterion "Editing"
Runner ups: Silver Image, Bronze Image
Best Film
The entry with the highest score under the criterion "Flow and Storyline"
Runner ups: Silver Screen, Bronze Screen
Trailer-Maker of the Year
The entry with the highest score under the criterion "Appropriateness of Material"
Trailer of the Year
The entry with the highest total score among the criteria.
Golden Palm Award
The entry with the highest score under the criterion "Overall Impression"
Runner ups: Silver Palm, Bronze Palm
Your voice is important to us. And we heard you. :)

Garnering a score of 14.50/15
Best Film goes to:

Garnering a score of 14.75/15
Best Picture goes to:

Garnering a score of 14.25/15
Trailer-Makers of the Year goes to:
Garnering a total of 70.50%
Trailer of the Year goes to:

And the moment we've all been waiting for. The highest award the site could ever give.
This year's recipient.

If You Cannot and 12 Traps of Love
Bronze Palm

The House Behind the Magnolias
Silver Palm

Echoes of Spring
Golden Palm

Thank you to all the fans who've voted. Thank you to all the crew who participated and made this all possible. And thank you to judges for lending their time and expertise. We couldn't have done this without you all. Thank you all so much. See you in the next year's Video Festival.
we had to say goodbye
Posted On Friday, November 2, 2012 @ 11:25 PM by Yourname | 0 Comments This Entry

As we open a new chapter of our life, we met some new and said goodbye to some old friends. We will miss all of you! Let's hear what they want to say to all of the friend, requesters and the whole family.

WonderbinnieThank you for letting me work with all of you and allowing me to be part of this awesome crew. Thank you :)
HanaFor the past couple of months/years that I've been with FFCrew, I learned how to make my trailers shorter. ^^ I used to make very long tailers, because I'm not that great, but after joining FFCrew, I'm able to make short trailers. Thank you so mych. For the old crew, I'm really happy that I got to joined you guys when FFCrew first open. I wish I could have talked to you guys more about trailer making to improve my skills. Thank you for letting me part of the team. I'm looking forward to you guys development for the upcoming years. :) Thank you letting me be part of this team. :) 
Alex DestinyShe needs some time so that's what we're giving her. But don't worry dear. If you ever feel the need to come back, you are always welcomed here. Thank you for your fast works. Hope to see you soon.
ScreamingAegyoAH! My little sister. Hahaha. Thank you for being such an amazing editor. Your so fast at working and I hope that if you finally sort out your schedule and find time, you'll be back. I wish you the best. Thank you for being such an amazing and talented little sister. :)

Thank you girls for being my support team all these years. When I'm down I could always talk to you. And most especially for accepting my request of having you on this team when we were just starting. You first believed in me before I even believed myself. You will surely be missed. I love you guys! :">

Well, we can't forever be sad right? So let's introduce the new people who will be making up the new Fanfic Crew, third generation.

Awesome young talent. I love her trailers. Didn't expect she'd work with us but I was very happy when I received her application. One great addition to the team. I hope we learn from her. :)

We can all agree that this one is a pro. She's been in this field for I don't know maybe years? She obviously knows what she's doing. Thanks for accepting my invitation girl. We need you. :)

Well, another pro I would say. Someone who knows her way around. Thank you very much for accepting my invitation. I'm pretty sure you're as super excited as we are. :D

I'm so happy that she chose to share her talent with the site after her break from the trailer-making world. One talented kimchi I must say. Thanks for choosing FFCrew. :)

She used to request from us and now she's one of us. Another surprise for me! I must say she's quote good at this. I wonder why she requested from us when she can obviously handle it herself. Anyways, welcome to the team. :D

Let's put our hands together and help me welcome the third generation!
P.S. Awards are coming. Stay pumped. 

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